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This websites makes it possible to draw markers, lines, text and shapes on an interactive map. This can be done on your own private map which you choose to share with edit or readonly links with other people. You can choose to do this with only the URL's or an actuall whitelist system which works with Discord accounts. 

This system allows multiple people to draw simultaneously on the same map. 

This can be done for any game and any map as long as you provide me a good image to convert into a map. 


Summary Feature list

  • All games have the general map of each game shown on the site. Some games like Scum and Atlas have predefined layers with information marker which are provided by the community. If you got such information for any of the games you can draw them on a private map and contact me to turn it into a global layer for the global maps.

  • Possibility to make your own private map to share with your other people.

    • Edit link: Friends with this link can do everything you can.
    • Read-only link: Friends can only look at the map. No draw options.
  • Create your own marker groups to quick toggle markers on and off like the predefined ones.

  • Define which groups are loaded on pageload.
  • Clicking on your private map sends a pulse to everyone looking at the map. This is visual ping pulse that stays for 2 seconds. Good for quickly sharing locations.

  • Draw Lines

    • Defines Line color, line weight, opacity line

    • Add popup ( hover ) text for these objects.

  • Draw Circles

    • Defines Line color, line weight, opacity line, fill oppacity, fill color

    • Add popup ( hover ) text for these objects.

  • Draw Polygons

    • Defines Line color,fill color, line weight, opacity line, opacity fill

    • Add popup ( hover ) text for these objects.

  • Draw Rectangles ( Similar to Polygons ).
  • Draw markers

    • Choose marker colour

    • Choose Icon showed in the marker, and define its colour

    • Choose if backdrop is shown or not ( Icon only marker)

  • Draw text on map

    • Define color

    • Define font-size

    • Define font-family

    • Resizes with map zooms.

    • Define rotation
  • All these markers can be added to your self made groups for toggling on and off

  • Maps get saved on every edit/create/delete.

  • Maps update every 10 seconds for everyone looking at it ( Paused for you, when you are placing an item ).

  • Owner: Edit name settings settings ( Chaning names, changes the readonly url. )

  • Owner: Edit map settings to whitelist people for readonly or edit urls.
  • Edit which layers are shown on load.

  • Marker list shows all markers

    • You can reorder the markers by dragging them with the coloured left handle where the symbol is shown.

    • You can zoom (pan) to the marker by clicking the white part ( title ).

    • Shows group of the marker

    • Shows x & y position of the marker.

  • Everything saves to the database so you can continue the next day with your unique Link/URL !

  • You can regenerate the read-only url by changing the mapname in the settings tab!

  • Multiple map tiles to choose from on several maps. 

  • Scum: Predefined markers for Bunkers, Police towns, Normal Towns and Specials places.
  • Scum|Atlas: Show X (Lat) and Y(Long) of mouse position for several maps 

  • Scum: Show Admin X and Y of mouse position, for teleporting and such.

  • Scum: Right click to copy several types of coordinates. KM, admin x y z, and full teleport command with your name!

  • Atlas: Richt click to see and copy latitude and longitude.


Roadmap list

  • Make new site available in other languages.


Coming soon

This page will contain detailed information about every action you can do.

__Features & Info